The name 1800 is based on the year tequila was first distilled. This brand arrived in the US soils in 1975 with their original tequila brand, the 1800 Reposado.
1800 Reposado Tequila

From that year, the taste of tequila has never been better. 1800 slowly became one the nationally recognized brands for great super premium tequilas. The have slowly expanded with various types of tequilas, getting more supporters in the process.

For more than 25 years, 1800 is only known for one type of tequila: the 1800 Reposado. As it has stayed in the market for more than two decades, time has told us that the Reposado could be so much more. This smell for Reposado is surprisingly pleasant and could be even better when served as a margarita. It has a light citrus flavor that you can easily recognize once it reaches your tongue.

After more than 25 years of experience, 1800 is ready to expand and offer more drinks for their faithful clients. In 2004, 1800 released a collection of three tequilas: the original 1800 Reposado coupled with not only one but two more tequila flavors for the market. The two flavors are the 1800 Tequila Silver and the Añejo. The 1800 Silver is lighter compared to Reposado. It has a sweet, smooth taste since floral and fruit flavors are emphasized with the natural Agave. The Añejo on the other hand is considered as the ultimate tequila. The flavor has a little bit of spice because of marzipan. Coupling the agave flavor are the orange rind, caramel, toasted coconuts and vanilla. The ultimate result is a sweet smelling, stronger than usual taste of tequila.

The next year, 1800 released the Ultimate Margarita Mix. It’s one of the first “ready to drink” margarita. All you need is the standard 1800 Reposado or its other products and what you’ll have is a smooth margarita drink. The mix is perfect with the agave in standard 1800 tequilas as they are combined with strong citrus and lime flavors. The result is a stronger and better tasting margarita mix.

1800 also offers a limited edition hand crafted tequila. Called the 1800 Coleccion, the ingredients that are used in this tequila were no less than 10 years old. The agaves are selected to perfection, also experiencing 10 years of maturity to get the best taste. Instead of using modern technology, the 1800 Coleccion used the traditional steam cooking and distilling agaves twice before they are aged in French Oak Barrels. This is a very exclusive tequila that once a Coleccion is released, a Latin artist is asked to design an entirely different bottle. The flavor of the Coleccion is an exceptional blend of vanilla, almonds, pepper and cloves. As it has been aged in French Oak, the barrel could almost be tasted. The result is a sweet flavor with dark flavor from the barrel. If you’re ready to spend $1,800 for a bottle of tequila, this variety of 1800 Tequila is perfect for you.

For more than three decades, 1800 has captured the imagination of tequila drinkers. With each flavor released by 1800, you can certainly find the product that’s perfect for your taste.

Details of 1800 Reposado Tequila