The Camus family has been producing Camus cognac, in France’s Cognac region, for the last five generations from 1863 with the keynote of the production being quality.
Camus Cognac Picture

Jean Baptiste Camus organized some producers to sell an alpha quality of Cognac using the brand name of La Grande Marque. The company started off with a bang and Camus soon bought out other producers and began to market it under the new name of Camus La Grande Marque.

The head of the fifth generation of the Camus family unit is Cyril Camus.. The company distributes and markets Camus Cognac to all parts of the world.

The Camus brand is the sole leading brand of a distilling group owned by the family, which manages its private vineyards. Today Camus goes global and knocks on the doors of 150 countries. It ranks fifth in the international rating and is strongly present in the UK, Russia, Korea, China and Japan. It has won four gold medals in international competitions of wines and spirits. Four times Camus has been awarded the title of Best Cognac in the World.

Pionneau 1969 has been introduced by the Camus family. It is the prime vintage cognac and will be available across the globe. It is totally unblended made from grapes form a vineyard, which is one of its kind, located in Fins Bois vine growing areas. It was produced as well as distilled only by the Pionneau Company. It takes 35 years to age.

Camus took charge of the company in 1969 on the understanding that no alterations would be made in producing the finest exceptional cognacs and in the name of the original company. It heady spicy aroma is blended with tangs from candy, plum and blackcurrant. Only 4,848 bottles have been carted and packaged in elegant bottles.

Josephine is especially subtle and suitable for women, blended with 80 kinds of grapes from a special region. It is laced with undertones of vanilla and chestnut kept for years in Limousine oak barrels. Czech artist Mucha did the painting on the package in the last century.

Camus Jubilee Cognac consists of a deep golden colour and a ripe blending of flavours from old cigar boxes mixed with a smoky smell of oak, honey and spices. Camus extra Cognac carries the scent of dried violets mixed with tobacco, leather and walnuts giving an all over velvety touch.

Cyril Camus who is at present the President has introduced new Camus range of drinks known as Elegance. In 2006 these new blends packaged in new containers have been launched. The colour is lighter without the touch of barrel hues. The floral character from borderies cru – this being the smallest vineyards of Cognac where is located the Camus estates – is more pronounced. The buzzword is ‘elegance’ for bartenders, cocktails and digestives.

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