Gilbey’s Gin is a very popular brand of gin. It is made from juniper berries and is used basically for mixing the drinks. This makes it a favorite of the bartenders all over the world,
Gilbey's Gin Bottle


In the year 1979, Carlos Palanca who was the owner of Tondena franchise joined the league and gained the popularity of a brand name that was “Gilbey’s”. The former MICAA Willie Tanduyan bannered the brand of Gilbey’s. Dean Tolson as well as Larry McNeil sincerely managed to make the brand popular worldwide.

In the Invitational tournament held in the year 1979 Gilbey’s managed to grab the fourth position. In the season of 1980, when Gilbey’s was placed in the fourth position in “All-Filipino tournament”, Willie Generalao was also honored as “Rookie of the year”. The brand, before it started the production of gin was very popular in the world, which then helped in marketing of its further products.

Gin is an essence which is flavored with the help of juniper berries. The essence of white grain that has the aroma of juniper berries is again redistilled to prepare distilled gin and when essence of neutral grain is flavored with juniper berries without redistilling, compound gin is prepared which can also be deemed as flavored vodka.


Gin, that is normally used for preparation of mixed drinks and which is the most preferable style of Gin is named as London Dry gin. Neutral grain essence which is generally manufactured in column still is used for the preparation of London dry gin.

London dry gin is redistilled after the addition of botanicals to it. Along with juniper berries, gin is also prepared with the help of very less quantity of citrus botanicals like bitter peel of orange as well as lemon. Botanicals like angelica seed and root, anise, orris root, cinnamon, licorice root, cassia bark as well as coriander are other varieties that can be used for the preparation of Gin.

The first and foremost illustration in the book named as “Subliminal Seduction” by Wilson Key was the ad of Gilbey’s Gin. Even after devoting 5 pages of Subliminal Seduction, the ad of Gilbey’s gin could not be analyzed properly. It was unable to describe all the various aspects of the advertisement in brief. The prime focus was on the relationship between the cork, the bottle as well as the image of bottle on the surface of table.

There are wide varieties of Gilbey’s Gin that are manufactured since then. A variety of Gilbey’s Gin which is a reminiscent of minerals, spices as well as of dried herbs is an awesome combination of rich and strong aromatics. This Gin comes in an approximately light body along with creamy as well as delicate texture. Such Gin comes in bottle of 750 ML, 1.75 LTR or 50 ML.

Details of Gilbey's Gin