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Grey Goose is a premium brand of vodka that is differentiated because it is distilled in Cognac, France from French Wheat.
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Sidney Frank imports Grey Goose vodka into the United States with the Sidney Frank Importing Company which is located in New Rochelle New York. In about 1997, Grey Goose vodka shot to national prominence when ti was awarded substantially for its quality. Sidney Frank then sold the right of manufacturing to Bacardi in 2004. Grey Goose was the first prominent French vodka but has seen some competition from Nuage, Ciroc and Idol which are now on the market. Each of these vodka brands are premium brands sold in North America.


Grey Goose vodka uses a replaceable cork top as opposed to a screw top. This technique is designed after Polish type vodkas. Similar to Belvedere, Chopin and Evolish, Grey Goose vodka utilizes the cork.

Production and history

Grey Goose is distinct from other vodkas in terms of its short history. The vodka brand was made for the United States market in the year 1997. The vodka was the design of the self made billionaire Sidney Frank. Frank's idea was to create a premium vodka brand for the United States. Frank derived the concept from the thougth of French manufacturing being perceived to be of higher quality. He quickly assembled a team throughout Europe and thus Grey Goose was created.

Grey Goose utilizes French winter wheat specifically brought fromt he south of Paris, France. The alcohol is distilled in a continuous still and pristine alpine water which has been thoroughly filtered throughout a limestone plateau of the Mastif Central. Grey Goose distillation process takes place within the Cognac district of France.

The Grey Goose brand was sold to Bacardi in the largest brand sale of all time at $2 billion in cash. Frank made an estimated $1.6 billion in profit. As well as Grey Goose, Frank was also the force guiding the success of the alcohol, Jaegermeister prior to starting Grey Goose. Prior to his death at the age of 86 in January 10, 2006, Frank was working on the energy drink Crunk with Lil Jon, a hip hop entrepeneur and Corazon, a premium tequila.

Dimitri Lezinska is said to be the Global Brand Ambassador of the Grey Goose brand and Nick Mautone is the Master Mixoligist and United States Brand Ambassador. Mautone is of New York.

Grey Goose and Premium Vodkas

Frank created Grey Goose and priced it much higher than Absolut and other established competitors. This price gave the perception of superior quality. The strategy was very successful and Grey Goose rose to enormous finaical success on the market. Numerous people credit Grey Goose as a significant inspiration for many premium vodkas. Ciroc from France, Level from Sweden and numerous others have followed the path of Grey Goose.

Grey Goose Flavors

1. Regular Vodka flavor

2. Grey Goose L'Orange - Orange flavored vodka

3. Grey Goose Le Citron

4. Grey Goose La Poire

Grey Goose L'Orange Commercial

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Details of Grey Goose Vodka