There are different kinds of rums that you can easily get in any liquor store. However, there’s one rum that’s not that popular in the US but has hooked so many people in Spain and various countries in Europe.
Honey Rum or Ron Miel

It’s called the Honey Rum or Ron Miel. Originally, this rum came from the Canary Islands. It’s an island wherein people grow sugar canes for a living. Naturally, these people have a very sweet tooth. As the world has a different taste of rums, the Canary Islands were able to create their rum with a very special taste. Instead of going with the simple taste of rum, they have decided to create something very special. Their rum has become extra sweet because of the special honey from the sugar cane that was added to get this flavor.

The end result of Honey Rum is the combination of sweetness of honey and the strong taste of Rum. It’s not something to be thrilled about but people who have been staying in Europe especially Spain have found this run very engaging and addictive – in a very good way. That’s why people who have been in Europe for a long time always look for this type of rum for regular consumption.

If you’re thinking of trying out Honey Rum in the future, it’s not that easy. Honey Rum is not that popular in the country that it’s really hard to look for this type of rum. Online, you can find little resources about the Honey however; it’s hard to find an online store for honey rums. It’s quite rare; you have to be patient in looking for this particular kind of rum. But it’s worth the patience if you really want to taste this type of rum.

Honey rum is a type of drink and not a brand, so you can choose from different types of brands. But there’s one after effect that you should expect if you have one too many – hangover. More often than not, if you have too much honey rum, you’ll be experiencing a hangover. That’s of course the effect of a strong alcohol content. However, with an added portion of honey that comes from the same source of rum, it just adds up to the after effect of the alcohol. Of course, there are brands of Honey Rum that only offers 23-25% of alcohol. You can have that to enjoy the flavor without any after drink effect.

Because of its rarity, Honey Rum brands are usually in place with the high-end brands in the US. But in Spain and in Canary Islands, Honey Rums could be found in almost any bar and comes in a very cheap price. As of now, Honey Rums are quiet expensive that it could reach a hundred dollars easily. But it’s worth the price especially for those who have tasted this type of rum. Unfortunately, you really have to order either online or have to go to high-end liquor store to taste this rum. Just give it a year or two and the popularity of this rum will catch up in US and will be available even in regular liquor stores.

Details of Honey Rum or Ron Miel Rum