J&B was first discovered in 1749 by Giacomo Justerini and George Johnson in London. It is a blended whisky and is very versatile.
J&B Scotch Whisky Picture

Justerini & Brooks which is generally known as just J & B is actually a scotch blended whisky. This company is owned by the multinational company, Diageo plc.

The famous J&B Rare Blend, which is the standard brand J&B whisky, is a blend of forty two Scottish grain and malt whiskies. Apart from this the portfolio of J&B includes
J&B Reserve, a 15-year old alcohol, Jet which is 12-year old and Exception, a pure malt is only available in France. The company also manufactured J&B Select and Ultima which were later discontinued.

The brand mainly aims the export market. It is now available in quite a few different variations in America, Europe, and Korea amongst other places. The company which was originally called Johnson & Justerini was initially found in London in 1749. It used to deliver spirits and fine wine to many fashionable aristocratic homes, besides supplying the King George III. In the year 1910, the company Johnson & Justerini was purchased by Alfred Brooks and he renamed it as Justerini & Brooks.

The history of this company dates back to the eighteenth century. In 1749, Giacomo Justerini, a gentleman from Bologna, was rumored to fall in love with a famous opera singer. He followed her to London, and with him came a number of delicious recipes for liqueurs which were created by his uncle, who used to be a distiller. In London he came across an English man, George Johnson, who soon became his partner. Together they set up an establishment up as wine merchants. In the year 1760, Justerini returned to his native land. It was the same year when King George III awarded the firm with the very first of its 8 Royal Warrants.

On seeing the huge potential and the open market for blended whisky, J&B became one of the first London’s spirits merchants who bought up a big supply of mature malt whisky and then started creating their own blend. This blend was named Club. Today this brand is the 2nd most popular blended whisky of the world and comes only after Johnnie Walker.

The drink is extremely versatile and can be taken in a variety of ways. You can drink it neat or with a mixer or in a cocktail or on the rocks. Choose whatever you prefer as it goes with everything. In fact J&B has been specially blended to make it perfect for mixing. The common flavors of mixers like ginger ale, cola and lemon complement the understated and subtle taste of the drink.

Details of J&B Scotch Whisky