Kentucky Gentlemen Whisky is a bourbon whisky made from a perfect blend of iron free water, corn, rye, barley malt and wheat and is one of the most preferred drinks of the Americans.
Kentucky Gentlemen Bourbon Whisky

Whisky making is a specialty of Kentucky. With the Ohio River banks near by, crystal clear iron free water is available at hand and is used in production of Whisky to produce world class Bourbon Whisky in Kentucky. Kentucky Gentlemen Whisky is a famous brand of Kentucky and due to its low price tag; it became extremely popular amongst the middle class population of the US and other countries where this bourbon whisky is sold.

Kentucky Gentlemen Whisky is made from Corn, Rye, wheat and iron free limestone water which is perfect for bourbon distilling as it gets purified when it flows over limestone rock deposits. This iron free water gives the unique characteristic to the Kentucky Whisky which makes it world renowned whisky.

About 51% of the content of whisky is Grains like Corn, barley malt, rye and wheat which is mashed properly in milling section of the distillery before being mixed with the natural spring water of Kentucky. This mix is then cooked which produces starch from the grains which is finally converted into alcohol when fermented by adding yeast in the starch. After three to four days of fermentation the mash is then distilled with the help of continuous copper stills to give it smooth taste and purity. During distillation and double distillation process all the impurities from the liquid is removed.

The distilled liquid is then stored in white oak barrels for aging during which the whisky gains its natural dark color from the pre charred walls of the barrel and also retain its natural aroma flavor. During aging the whisky is said to breathe in the barrels and the effects of the extremely hot and cold climate of Kentucky gives the whisky its unique characteristic which makes it a class different from the others. Due to this extreme nature of the climate the whisky also gets matured faster in Kentucky then in any other whisky producing region of the world.

The Kentucky Gentlemen whisky has a medium Amber Color which is flavored and has a hint of fruit with clean roasted nut and caramel and dried cherry flavor. This whisky has a very smooth finish to suit the needs of the gentlemen. Due to its long aging period it gains the nice flavor of the oak barrels in which they are stored.

The Kentucky Gentlemen Kentucky Blended Bourbon Whisky was also awarded the best value American blended whisky of the year 2006. Due to its low price the Kentucky Bourbon Whisky is becoming extremely popular amongst whisky lovers.

Details of Kentucky Gentlemen Bourbon Whisky