Mr. Lemon Hart is the first person to distribute rum in the British Royal Navy. That was way back during the 18th century.
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Later on, he was able to move his business across England starting in Cornwall and then moving to London. But the popularity of this brand didn’t come from England rather it came from the Caribbean where it was exported. People in the Caribbean love the taste of this rum. As Caribbean became more popular because of it’s a beach destination, Lemon Hart Rum became a popular drink in the US. But the US market is quite different compared to other countries. Some versions of Lemon Hart are not as popular with other brands of Lemon Hart in US.

There are two types of Lemon Hart known worldwide. First is the Lemon Hart Rum that came from Jamaica. When you’re in vacation in the Caribbean, you’ll be able to enjoy this Rum that’s legendary because of its very strong alcohol content. Bad news is; this type of Lemon Hart Rum couldn’t be easily found in any part of the country. Europe may have this but it’s unfortunately rare in US. Fortunately, the other type of Lemon Hart Rum is widely available in the US. Offered by Demerara Rum, the Lemon Hart Demerara is very popular in the country. It’s a Lemon Hart that comes from Guyana wherein they produce some of the best rums in the world.

The taste of Lemon Hart is quite different from other rums. Historically, Lemon Hart was able to provide this rum to give an instant gratification. It’s not as smooth as other rums because of the alcohol content because of its strong after effects. The Demerara Lemon Hart is as strong as it is but it doesn’t have the same alcohol content. In fact, Lemon Hart Demerara that’s released in the US is stronger than the Jamaican Lemon Hart.

Lemon Hart Rums is reputed to be very strong rums. The Jamaican Lemon Hart, the one that’s not available in US has the alcohol content of 73%. The Lemon Hart Rum that’s available in the market is even stronger. The alcohol content of the Lemon Hart Demerara is at 84%. That’s why it’s strongly advised that drinking this rum straight is should be moderated. Its strong alcohol content could get you drunk really fast. Mixing the Lemon Hart is always a good option. Since they provide strong alcohol content, mixing them with other drinks is a great option. Jamaicans have created different kinds of drinks out of this. The taste could still be made out but the alcohol content is not as strong.

Lemon Hart Rum for more than century has been the forefront of strong quality rums. Their high quality content provides a challenge to drinkers around the world. Drinking it straight is always a possibility but around the world, it has been one of the favored rums if you want something mixed. It’s initial, middle and after taste is very strong. Lemon Hart could definitely give you the challenging taste. For a smoother finish, a mix with popular Jamaican drinks works perfectly with these brands.

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