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Malibu Rum is a coconut flavored, colorless, viscous rum which comes in an opaque white bottle. With an alcohol content of about 21% it is labeled as seriously easy going rum.
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Malibu Rum is made out of natural coconut extract in the Caribbean islands of Barbados. The drink is made in Barbados but bottled in Dumbarton, Scotland. It was introduced in the year 1985 and since then has gained popularity worldwide. It can be drank neat, on the rocks or mixed with fruit juices or soft drinks such as cola etc. The distillery of Malibu Rum is situated in Barbados which is known as the birth place of Rum from the olden days. Rum is produced in Barbados for more than 350 years now.

Malibu Rum is made with coconut extracts, distilled and blended to become natural, light and smooth. It provides the true Caribbean taste to the rum and its genuine taste and high quality ingredients make it one of the finest spirits available in the market. It also gives some hints of almonds and mocha flavor in it.

Since Malibu Rum is very smooth and light bodied, it proves to be ideal rum to blend with exotic flavors. The very first variety flavor from Malibu Rum was its Malibu Lime which could not gain much popularity in France and was discontinued in the year 2003. Malibu currently produces certain flavors apart from the original coconut flavor. The flavors currently available are Malibu Passion Fruit Rum, Malibu Pineapple Rum, Malibu Mango Rum and Malibu Tropical Banana Rum.

Malibu Rum is one of the favorite in the rums category and is popular with the ladies also as it has a sweet taste and is not strong as other Rums. Making cocktails with Malibu or mixing drinks with Malibu Rum is very easy and there are so many possibilities. Malibu Rum can be mixed with madory and pineapple juice and made into a frozen drink which is called the alien secretion. It can be served with some pineapple slices on the top to give it a livening look. Another very popular drink called jolly rancher can be made from it by adding some grenadine to it. These drinks are relished by the ladies very much.

Malibu has become the number one coconut rum selling brand in the world with a tremendous growth in sales volume in the year 2005. The International Wine and Spirits Record, a renowned trade organization focusing on alcoholic beverages has named Malibu as the fastest growing worldwide liquor brand in the year 2006. Today, Malibu Rum is selling in more than 150 countries across the world and sells more than 300 million cases globally. With its phenomenal success, Malibu Rum Brand has become synonymous with Coconut Rum.

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