McCormick Gin should never be in anyway associated with the McCormick that sells herbs and spices. The gin is produced by McCormick Distillery based in Missouri.

The Distillery was established in 1856 by David Holladay. The original name was not McCormick but the name was adopted when the owner purchased a McCormick Distillery as an addition to their growing distillery. Because of their extensive history, the McCormick Distillery is only one of the two distilleries in the US that’s protected by the government because of their extensive past. For more than 150 years, they continuously produced different sets of drinks to accommodate the growing need of the public.

The McCormick Gin is only one of family brands of McCormick. The gin is one of most popular product of McCormick. Compared to other gins in the country, McCormick Gin is really cheap. It’s also very popular in the country as they are locally made. Like most gins its 80 proof so the McCormick gin is 40% alcohol. McCormick Gins also come in different sizes with the biggest comes in 1.5 L bottles. There are no options for different flavors so each gin comes in their original taste of gin.

The Gin is very popular in the country because of the company’s close association with NASCAR. Not necessary that they are sponsoring them but it’s closely associated with Steve McCormick the popular NASCAR driver.

When taken as it is, McCormick is stronger than most regular gins. The price is also considerably cheap so you can easily get them in a very small budget. Since the price of the gin is cheap, the gin comes in very strong but the flavor is compromised a little bit. Right from the start, you can feel the strong content in the gin. It also goes down in your throat and into your stomach as a very strong gin. The strong content can be felt from start to finish. If you’re not careful with this drink, a hang over is in place. Plus the taste is not that favorable for persons who try to drink gin for the first time. It has sustained its market value because of its price and it just doesn’t mean that you have to drink it straight. There are so many recipes you can create with this gin.

Because of its strong content, it can work perfectly with recipes that are sweet or with fruit. If it’s your first time to drink gin, always try to be creative for this drink. Even though the alcohol content is the same with other gins, somehow McCormick comes in a little bit stronger than most gins.

McCormick distillery has been producing fine drinks since mid-1800s. The McCormick Gin goes with this tradition of giving only their best. But it’s a very strong drink not recommended for beginners. Drinking them with flavors and different ingredients is perfect since it brings out the flavor of gin and the alcohol content will somehow be neutralized. Great parties drink could be with flavors but not for straight shot because of its strong content.

Details of McCormick Gin