Myers Rum is Jamaican Dark Rum produced from Sugar cane & Molasses with a distinguishing rich flavor available in a blend of nine select rums.
Myers Rum Bottle


Myers Rum Company is based in Nassau, Bahamas. The Myers brand was founded by Fred L Myers after whose name the brand name was given. The distillery of Myers Rum Company is based in Kingston, Jamaica. Commonly known as the Jamaican Dark Rum, the Myers Rum is one of the most popular Rums of Jamaica. Fred L Myers & Sons has been in the business of producing Rum since the year 1879.


Myers Rum is produced from Sugar Cane and Molasses. It can be declared 100% Jamaican Rum as it uses only pure Jamaican molasses for its production. Jamaica is very rich in Sugar cane and as such world’s most renowned Rum Distilleries are located in or around Jamaica. It is produced using continuous and pot still distillation process after which it is stored in white oak barrels for ageing and maturing for up to four years. It is a world recognized fact that older the rum, better the quality.

After fermentation, the Myers Rum undergoes a minimum four column distillation process to derive its un-matched taste and smooth feel. At every stage of production, there are strict quality control measures to ensure up to date and indigenous quality of its product. Once left for maturing in barrels from where the Myers Rum achieves its dark color, it is bottled into superior and attractive designed bottles to give it an appealing look.


The Myers Dark Rum is mostly used in mixed drinks and cocktails. It is also used as an ingredient for the purposes of cooking a variety of sweet and savory recipes. Its ultra rich flavor makes it a bartender’s favorite spirit to be used in preparing wide variety of cocktails to be served in modern age parties. Myers Jamaican Rum is blended from up to 9 different rums.

Myers Dark Rum can be mixed and punched with different flavors of fruit juices to prepare a wide variety of cocktail drinks which can be favorite of all parties. The Planter’s punch and the Jamaican Sunset recipe prepared with other rum and a mixture of fresh fruit juices are few very popular recipes made out of Jamaican Myer’s Rum.

Myers Rum with its smooth finish and a distinctive flavor and color is fast becoming very popular amongst Rum lovers around the world. Its smooth and light bodied finish makes it most convenient to be mixed with other drinks and used in cocktail recipes. Now Myers Rum is selling like hot cake in Jamaica and also in other countries where dark rum is favored. However due its strong flavor and very dark color this Rum is not so popular amongst the ladies.

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