Seagram’s Gin is the fruity gin which has a strong fruity, candy smell but the taste is quite mild. The orange and the lime flavored gins are a great hit with the bartenders.
Seagram's Gin


The “Seagram Company Ltd” was a big entity with its headquarters in Canada, Quebec as well as in Montreal. The Seagram Company Ltd distilled alcoholic beverages and was the biggest distillers in the entire world. Until the company had independent existence in the market of alcoholic beverages, it also regulated different sorts of business ventures as well as entertainment business. Since then, control of the assets of Seagrams Company Ltd have been taken over by various other companies, mainly Diageo, Pernod Ricard as well as PepsiCo.

In the year, 1883 Joseph E. Seagram became the sole owner of the company and the company was named as “Joseph E. Seagram & Sons”. Later on, in the year 1928, when Joseph E. Seagram died, the control of Joseph E. Seagram was acquired by the Distillers Corporation and was renamed as Seagrams.

Seagrams gin is domestic gin as well as the number one selling gin in United States of America. Seagrams gin is prepared with botanicals and pure as well as neutral grain spirits which is then ripened in casks made of oak. The flavor that is carried into the gin is due to the various elements of cinnamon as well as orange peel available in it which gives a fruity aroma. Seagrams gin is available with a very arid finish and a hint of spice is also added to it.


In the year 2004, “Seagram’s Orange Twisted Gin” was launched which was 70 proof/ 35% abv. It is prepared with the help of Extra Dry Gin of Seagrams along with the addition of real flavors of Mandarin Orange. Seagrams gin is the first flavored gin in the market other than the typical as well as old fashioned gin from Sloe that is basically liquor made with the help of sloe berries.

The aroma produced by the orange twisted gin of Seagram is undoubtedly overwhelming. It gives the strong smell of orange candy and not of orange zest or mandarin orange. The aroma of this gin is just hardly peeking through as well as it seems to be hidden underneath. The taste of this gin is not as hard as the smell is.

“Seagram’s Lime Twisted Gin” is another flavor of gin that is available in the market. “Seagram’s Extra Dry Gin” is that product of Seagram which has boosted its market of gin. It is a gin that has a taste of tangy citrus along with spicy hint, over refined but solid base of juniper, with an awesome alcoholic presence. Citrus present in the gin is very light and easily melds with juniper as well as with different aromatic botanicals.

The taste of Seagrams gin is quite different from other brands of gin available in the market and its aroma makes it best in the market of Gin.

Details of Seagram's Gin